21 March 2010

Favourite TV Couples

A good tv couple can make me giddy inside. These are not necessarily two people in a show that are actually in a relationship, but 2 people the writers make me want to see together so much that I yell at the tv every time they do some stupid thing that pushes them apart. I love the will-they-or-won’t they play, I love leaning towards the television every time it seems like they are going to kiss, and then, when they are together, they are so funny and sigh-worthy that I smile like an idiot. Eonline has been running a poll to determine TV’s best couple and a few of their top couples have made my list, but honestly, Ross and Rachel…come on folks, there are so many more tv characters with more personality and better dynamics than them (and I’m not just saying that because I find Jennifer Aniston incredibly boring). So, here are my favourite TV couples:

1. Mulder and Scully: The X-files:
2. Buffy and Angel: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
3. Booth and Brennan: Bones
4. Josh and Donna: The West Wing
5. Lee and Kara: Battlestar Galactica
6. Ned and Chuck: Pushing Daisies
7. Liz and Max: Roswell
8. Ziva and Tony: NCIS
9. Angela and Jordan: My So Called Life
10. Chuck and Sarah: Chuck
11. Logan and Veronica: Veronica Mars
12. Joey and Pacey: Dawson’s Creek
13. Eric and Sookie: True Blood
14. Rachel and Finn: Glee
15. Vaughn and Sidney: Alias

So, who are your favourite TV couples? And what makes you root for them?

10 March 2010

Most Memorable Movie Moments

1. Johnny saying, “Nobody puts Baby in a corner” in Dirty Dancing.
2. “Luke, I am your father” Star Wars
3. The bullet action scene from The Matrix
4. The realization of who Keyser Soze is in The Usual Suspects
5. When Anna Scott tells William, “I’m just a girl…standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.” in Notting Hill
6. Confession scene in The Breakfast Club
7. Neo and Trinity storm the lobby to rescue Morpheus
8. When everyone on the bus sings “Tiny Dancer” in Almost Famous
9. Banky draws the “4-way road” and puts Holden through a “ serious exercise” in Chasing Amy
10. Vincent Vega gives Mia Wallace a shot of adrenaline in Pulp Fiction

23 January 2010

Movies in 2010

There seem to be a lot of movies coming out this year that I'm pretty excited to see. By making a list, maybe I'll remember to watch for their actual release dates. So, here are the movies I want to watch this year - in no particular order.

When in Rome - cause I love Kristen Bell. That is the only reason
Eclipse - judge not lest ye be judged... it's alright, I would judge me too
Shutter Island
Iron Man 2
Toy Story 3
The Socerer's Apprentice - I don't like Nick Cage, but I do like that funny, skinny kid - and the brooms look cool in the preview
Priest - This one and the one above both have Paul Bettany. I think that's a good enough reason to watch them. The fact they are both supernatural, religious thrillers, is just an added bonus.
Letters to Juliet
Inception - from watching the previews, I have no idea what this movie is about; therefore, I am intrigued.
Burlesque - based entirely on casting. This may change once a preview comes out.

Top three movies
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - I have some reservations, but more hope.
The Runaways - I love their music. I think the casting may actually work. The costumes are obviously going to be awesome.
Alice in Wonderland - I'm excited for this movie like a twihard at a convention. Like excited enough to consider taking the day off work to make sure I can see it opening day. This is my all time favourite book and my favourite director, so I make no apologies

What movies are you looking forward to this year?

05 January 2010

10 on Tuesday: Things I am Looking Forward to in 2010

This week, 10 on Tuesday is all about looking ahead...and listing 10 things you are looking forward to this year. Here's my list:

1. Movies: Leap Year, Youth in Revolt, Legion, Percy Jackson…Lightning Thief, Alice in Wonderland, The Losers, Kick Ass, IRON MAN 2, Letters to Juliet, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – There are currently 26 movies I am anticipating already this year…
2. Buying a house – We are very excited and really hope things works out so that we can buy our first house in May or June this year.
3. Music: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club has a new album coming out in March! Arcade Fire, Cake and Garbage all potentially have albums coming out! Yay for music!
4. Building a business – I started an online shop in late 2009, but 2010 will be the year to develop and grow and actually sell something!
5. Books: 2 books from Chloe Neill and just so many others I can’t even list.
6. More hiking: We went hiking about 8 times last summer and I’m looking forward to doubling that this year
7. The economy picking up again – Aren’t we all looking forward to this?
8. Comics: Daredevil leads The Hand, The Siege, The Blackest Night; all kinds of great storylines coming to a conclusion and many new ones to look forward to in comics this year.
9. Chuck comes back to TV!
10. True Blood Season 3!

What are you looking forward to this year?

31 December 2009

Rhonda's Favourite Movies

I go to the theatre far less often than I used to since we got a 46 inch TV. So even though I LOVE movies, I often wait until I can get them on DVD and watch them in the comfort of my own living room. This means that my favourite movies of this year may not have been released in 2009, but these are the best movies I watched in 2009:

1. Star Trek – This was a perfect movie in my opinion. The comedic timing, the one-liners, the action, John Cho…loved it all.
2. The Hangover – So, uproarious actually does describe this movie. And the Mike Tyson punch…awesome.
3. Whip It – So I love fringe sports and strong female characters and Ellen Page. I also loved the soundtrack.
4. 500 Days of Summer – Cute, slightly unconventional, Joseph Gordon Levitt is hot now…oops, did I actually write that.
5. The Watchmen – Not what everyone expected, but those were the people who hadn’t read the comic/graphic novel. I did think a lot of what was in the comic was missing, but I still loved the cinematography, the acting, and the characters.
6. Taken – This was an excellent action movie. ‘Nuff said
7. Fired Up – Pure fluff, but funny! And I love cheerleading.
8. Green Lantern: First Flight – This was a great animated movie. It was a great introduction to the Green Lantern world but still drew comic fans in with the action as well.
9. Wall-E – Loved everything about it!
10. Role Models – My gosh, I think I snorted I laughed so much at this movie and I love Paul Rudd.
11. P.S I Love you – Gerard Butler. Geoffrey Dean Morgan. Ireland. A tale about following your dreams and little adventures. This movie was sad and romantic and inspiring.

Tanya, our lists were more different than I thought…but I still see some similarities…

30 December 2009

A Year in Music

So, I took a look at your list Rhonda, and came up with my own. Here’s what was playing in heavy rotation in my car and on my iPod this year. While not all of them came out in 2009, they were the ones I was listening to.

13. New Moon Soundtrack
12. The Pipettes – We are the Pipettes
11. The Donnas – Bitchin’
10. Billy Talent – III
9. Head Automatica – Decadence
8. Jack Johnson – Sleep Through the Static
7. Franz Ferdinand – Tonight
6. Hawksley Workman – Between the Beautifuls
5. The Kooks – Konk
4. Arkells – Jackson Square
3. The Wet Secrets – Rock Fantasy
2. Hawksley Workman – Los Manlicious
1. The Ting Tings – We Started Nothing

Songs (in no particular order)
We Walk – The Ting Tings
Ballad of Hugo Chavez – Arkells
Heads Will Roll – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Battleflag – Lo-Fidelity Allstars
Baby’s Got a Temper – Prodigy
Good Feeling – Violent Femmes
Closer – Kings of Leon
Ulysses – Franz Ferdinand
Bad Boyfriend – Garbage
Wrong – Depeche Mode
All The Trees are Hers – Hawksley Workman
Pins & Needles – Billy Talent
Body of Years – Mother Mother
It’s Been So Long – Horrorpops
Back in your Head – Tegan and Sara
Cross My Heart – Marianas Trench
Blue Light – Bloc Party
Veronica – Elvis Costello
Banshee Song – Gob
Gold Medal – The Donnas
Feathers – Coheed & Cambria
Sway – The Kooks
Sour Cherry – The Kills
The Show – The Surgents
To Lose My Life – White Lies
Something is Not Right With Me – Cold War Kids
Salute Your Solution - The Raconteurs
Another Way to Die - Jack White & Alicia Keys
Love is a First - The Tragically Hip

29 December 2009

10 on Tuesday: New Years Resolutions

10 on Tuesday this week is to list your 2010 resolutions. I don't normally have 10 resolutions but I do have some goals that I want to focus on this year and they are:

1. Spend less money on things I don’t need
2. Exercise more often
3. Finish what I start
4. Stop procrastinating
5. Complain less
6. Take a photo every day
7. Get rid of 1/5 of my belongings
8. Don’t accrue any library fines
9. Read 60 or more books (managed 53 last year)
10. Read more non-fiction (at least 10 this year)

Do you have any resolutions?